Consultant Virtual Reality

VR Consulting

How can your company best benefit from this next wave of disruptive technology.

Virtual reality is a brand new technology, and with new tech come new markets for companies to enter. With our support, we can help your company find out how you can enter the VR world, and how you and your company can benefit from this new wave of disruptive technology.

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Consultant Virtual Reality

360 Videos

Forget the limits of traditional 2D video with an interactive 360° experience unlike any other.

Mobile users need only to move their device in any direction to change what they’re seeing – allowing for total immersion and a fresh viewing experience every time. Contact us today to see what we can create – the possibilities are endless.

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Software Virtual Reality

VR/AR Software Development

From virtual showrooms for trade shows to full blown customized applications for your business

Wow your show attendees with the next great disruptive technology. Whether it be a small marketing experience or a fully custom virtual showroom, displaying your product in a way no consumer ever has before. Experience what our designers can dream up when teamed with your brand.

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Demonstrate Virtual Reality

VR Demos

Company & in-home private demonstrations

Not quite ready to dive headfirst into VR? How about a quick dip? We can come to your office/house and show you just what VR can do. Check in with us to set up a VR unveiling party at your next business meeting.

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Commercial Virtual Reality

VR Commercial Installations

Virtual Office Spaces

Either a space for virtual teleconferencing or a virtual collaboration with satellite offices. Work with your team remotely in a more personal and granular way than anything you’ve experienced. Experience the nuance of face to face human interaction, only capable through Virtual Reality.

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Home Virtual Reality

VR Home Installations

VR Home Theater

Planning on taking a dive into VR for your home? Make the leap with LTVR. From technical layouts, to room-scale planning, to final installation and support, LTVR does it all. Complete your home theatre project with a VR space for the whole family.

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