Medical Virtual Reality

VR for Medical

Giving the medical community a virtual hand in improving the world’s health

The medical world has always been able to prosper over the discoveries and technological advancements throughout the ages. From X-ray machines to penicillin, technology and the medical world have one heck of a connection. With this trend, it seems pretty obvious that the medical world will be benefiting from Virtual Reality in amazing ways.

Imagine you're a doctor, and you’re about to perform surgery on a patient. You place over your eyes a set of glasses that allow you to see where the incision needs to be made. Or how about a real time X-­Ray of the person to see where their broken bones are. And why stop there? With the use of VR, doctors can meet with patients from across the globe using advanced telecommunication through virtual reality, allowing them the ability to see the patient in a virtual room.

Education Virtual Reality

VR for Education

Allowing the ability to expand the classroom in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Imagine fieldtrips that went beyond a mere bus trip to the local museum, or the aquarium down the road. Imagine, instead, ..taking a trip to the moon and seeing for yourself what all the fus is about. Instead of staring at a book and naming off all the cell parts, shrink down and see one for yourself. Learning about the Great Wall of China? Why not see it for yourself, or better yet, travel back in time and see how it was built. In the educational world, VR has the potential to make learning so immersive that it no longer feels like learning at all.

Now imagine instead of getting up in the morning and going to school, you get up, walk over to your desk, and put on a HMD that transports you into a VR classroom. Standing up front is your teacher who lives on the other side of the planet. To your right, you have a classmate from China, and to your left, a classmate from Denmark. VR has the potential to allow everyone all over the same level of world class education they deserve.

Young minds respond well to things they can see, feel, touch, and experience. What kid wouldn’t wanna go to school everyday and learn in a way where they’re having the time of their lives? VR will impact future youth in immensely positive ways.

Games Virtual Reality

VR for Gamers

The next great frontier for the gaming industry.

This industry has boomed over the last 15 years, and in recent years has begun gathering followers that rival even the most popular of sports. is now among the most visited sites in the US, as well as the world. This site is based on live streaming video games for other people to watch, comment, and rate. With the addition of virtual reality, things in the gaming industry are going to enter a whole new level of immersion.

The addition of VR to the world of gaming is finally going to let gamers all over the world live out their wildest dreams. For the first time ever, gamers will have the ability to quite literally step INTO the game and become part of it. From Battling Space Pirates to Fighting Zombies,

Not only will fans be able to see their favorite gamers play their favorite games, but in some cases, might feel like they’re ACTUALLY there watching the gamer game! VR allows a whole new level of gaming for their users.

Business Virtual Reality

VR for Business

Integrate the next great disruptive technology into your workflow, and use it in your marketing strategy.

The PC re-invented the business world, but nobody thought it would. The same could be said for the smartphone, but we know exactly what happened in that case.. VR is in a similar state, only just reaching a small market in its current form, but poised to reinvent digital UI.

Virtual teleconferencing solutions allow you to not just see another person, but be with them. Standing in the same room, talking and expressing body language. A digital conversation with a virtual representation of another human. This allows for satellite team collaboration, at a level not possible through video chatting.

A vast world of possibilities are opened up through the adaptation of VR. From marketing solutions in pre-existing IP and custom top-to-bottom experiences. To VR showrooms where a consumer on the other side of the globe, can see and hold your product.

Lifestyle Virtual Reality

VR for Lifestyle

Bringing shopping experiences and far away family right to your living room

In today’s day and age, speed is necessity. Snail mail was replaced with E-mail long ago, and slowly but surely, at home shopping has become somewhat of a social norm. How about taking it one step further? What if people were able to get a virtual preview of the item they were looking to buy? In VR, people will be able to get a chance to see how big the item will be, what it looks like from every conceivable angle (Something 2D photography cannot reproduce), and in the case of furniture, be able to see what it’d look like inside their home. Visiting with friends and relatives around the world will be made much more immersive through VR. You will have the ability to set up Virtual Chatrooms with anyone anywhere in the world and be able to interact with them as if they were right there with you!